Why we are here

31. January 2022, Gemstones

The blow that fate struck upon our family turned my father’s life upside down. And we, the descendants, are still reeling from this experience.






Why we are here

How have funerals been changed by the arrival of the coronavirus?

20. November 2020, Gemstones, Mentor

Update, April 16
Only a few days ago, the world seemed to be in perfect order, but then the coronavirus hit Europe and has held the continent in its grip ever since.
For this reason, we have gathered answers to the most pressing questions concerning the organization of funeral ceremonies in these times of the coronavirus and compiled a compact list with the most important information. 

How have funerals been...

The story of Little Ruby and Mevisto’s gemstone Ruby

17. December 2020, Ceramics, Gemstones

For Carina and her small family life was like a dream come true! After realizing her first dream of founding her family with a husband and child, her life turned into sheer exultation when she learned that she was pregnant with her second child. Her daughter Ruby! Sadly, things did not turn out as planned, as Ruby was granted only a tragically short stint on this Earth...

The story of Little Ruby...

A special Mother’s Day gift

06. May 2019, Ceramics

People with intellectual challenges have been working on joint projects with the Innotech Group for years.
As a thank-you for their cooperation, the clients of the initiative Lebenshilfe Upper Austria were presented with a “Pearl with Soul” during their visit.

A special Mother’s Day...

Us forever!

30. March 2018, Gemstones

“You are my heartbeat, my every breath. You are everything I am and will be everything I ever want to be. You are already more dear to me than my own life. I already know today that your hands are the hands that I will never....

Us forever!

A Mevisto for Marius

09. February 2018, Gemstones

I still look back with great horror on that winter evening when Marius came down with this horrific colic. He was lying in his stall, wheezing audibly, and his usual radiant gaze had become dull and lifeless...

A Mevisto for Marius

Dear Santa…

21. December 2017, Gemstones

“I wish for you to give me your protection. Also, I would like you to look after my mom and my dad and my sister Natalie, too. Please watch over them. Sometimes she bugs me and is a little mean to me, but I love her nonetheless. Please tell her that. Another Christmas wish I have is for all of us to be together. Mommy, daddy, Natalie, and I...

Dear Santa…