At MEVISTO Gemstone Manufacture, we transform hair or ashes into personalized gemstones,
making memories tangible. Using a globally unique and scientifically proven process,
we extract elements from ashes or hair to create personalized rubies and sapphires.

A memorial stone is a beautiful way to keep a loved one close at all times.
Whether set in a wedding ring or as a remembrance of a deceased loved one: ... forever connected, forever united...
For personalized gemstones, we require 10g of hair or 50-100g of ashes.

You can also keep your beloved pet close forever with a memorial stone made from pet ashes or hair.

about the process

Memory Encapsulated in a Gemstone

More and more people are longing for alternative burial methods. The culture surrounding the topic of burials is changing, as everyone grieves in their own way over the loss of a loved one or pet.

Often, geographical distances pose a challenge in maintaining and visiting a memorial site. These are just some of the reasons why more and more people are opting for the unique opportunity of gemstone burials.

Since only a small amount of ashes or hair is needed for a memorial stone, traditional burial methods can also be considered. Of course, there is also the option to immortalize oneself in a gemstone through insurance (such as with the Wiener Verein).

eternally connected

Wedding Rings as a Symbol of Eternal Love

These wedding rings are a very special symbol. The united hair of the bridal couple represents an endless bond. They are a personal piece of jewelry for a shared life.

This ring is made from rose gold with a 2 ct. sapphire in a delicate shade of blue. The soft blue almost appears lilac. A memorial stone that suits every look and occasion and stands out from ordinary wedding rings.

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