Your questions, our answers

At Mevisto, we understand the importance of keepsake jewelry. In our FAQ section, we answer questions about our personalized gemstones, the DIY version 'pearl with soul' and the care instructions for our jewelry.

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to understand our unique pieces of jewelry, find the right keepsake for you and ensure that it will bring you joy for a long time.

FAQ - personalized gemstones

Discover the magic of gemstones. Find out more in our comprehensive FAQ about gemstones made from ash or hair. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and emotional depth of our gemstones.

Can I be sure that the elements of the human being are in the gemstone?

Yes, the preparation and production process is scientifically proven and recognized. If you wish, we can send you the relevant scientific certificates. Simply send us a request for an expert opinion.

Can ash and hair also be mixed?

Yes, you can mix both hair and ash for production. Hair from different people can also be combined. However, please send them to us in separate containers.

What makes sapphires and rubies from MEVISTO so special?

A MEVISTO gemstone is a wonderful way to always carry someone you love with you. Whether it is incorporated into a wedding ring or as a memento of someone who has died. To achieve this, MEVISTO's gemstones contain various elements of the person or animal in question, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and more. This is scientifically proven and ensures that every MEVISTO gemstone is a unique memento.

What distinguishes MEVISTO sapphires and rubies from diamonds?

In contrast to conventional diamonds (one element - carbon), MEVISTO gemstones can scientifically prove the presence of several human/animal elements.

How are the different color tones created?

Basically, you can choose between natural tone, red tone or blue tone. The color tone depends on the individual composition of the biogenic material and is an expression of the uniqueness of each MEVISTO gemstone. Our colors can vary as follows: RED: from colorless, pink, light red / orange to dark red NATURE: from colorless, champagne, peach, light brown to dark brown BLUE: from colorless, light blue to dark blue / violet

How production works

The substances extracted from the hair/ash are mixed with aluminum oxide and fused at temperatures above 2000° C to form the gemstone.

Where is the gemstone produced and cut?

We create these special gemstones in our manufactory in Austria. If you are curious and would like to take a look behind the scenes of our gemstone manufactory, we cordially invite you to do so. Just write to us or give us a call! We look forward to showing you more.

FAQ - Pearl with a soul

Do you have questions about the DIY personalization of the 'Pearl with soul'? We're here to clear up any uncertainties. Find out how you can design our emotional keepsake jewelry yourself and create unforgettable moments.

How can I make my Black Vulcano darker again?

The outer surface of your ceramic pearl is finished with a special oil. Depending on the moisture content of your skin, the brightness of the bead may be subject to natural fluctuations. Ceramic is a living material, so the unglazed surface of the personalized bead may change in appearance. To prevent your Black Vulcano from turning gray, you can regularly moisten the bead with linseed oil, for example.

The temperature foil does not turn blue?

Personalization has started anyway. 
In this case, wait longer (at least 30 minutes).

Why is no liquid coming out of the personalizer?

If handled incorrectly, little or no liquid may come out of the Personalizer's minilab, as there are several safety barriers in the Personalizer.

Is personalized liquid dangerous?

The liquid is neutralized or harmless after personalization.

Can a hazardous liquid leak out?

No, only if the "personalizer" is wilfully destroyed.

Can I mix hair from several people?

Yes, you can of course also mix hair from several people and animals.

Does the color of the personalized pearl change after personalization?

After drying, the bead returns to its original color.

Why wait at least 15 minutes?

To guarantee personalization.

Why does the personalizer have to stand horizontally on a flat surface during the personalization process?

In order not to impair the functionality.

What do I do if the liquid comes into contact with my eyes?

Rinse immediately with clear water.

Are all the hairs in the personalizer loosened?

During personalization, the elements are extracted from the hair. This is comparable to water dissolving minerals in rock. Therefore, parts of the hair may remain, but the elements are still extracted.

What happens inside the Personalizer?

A special chemical process takes place inside the "Personalizer". This extracts the human elements from the hair and binds them into a liquid. Even if hair is still present in the personalizer, the elements have been rinsed out of it. This has been scientifically confirmed.

What does the personalized liquid consist of?

The liquid consists of the elements of the person or companion you want to wear in your bead, as well as water and salts.

What happens to the liquid in the bead?

The pearl absorbs your elements like a sponge.

Which hair can I use?

Human and animal hair.

What should I look out for in my piece of jewelry?

The jewelry must be taken off during personal hygiene (bathing, showering). Avoid mechanical stress.

How do I personalize my pearl correctly?

It is important that you operate the "Personalizer" according to the instructions.

How long does the personalization last?

As long as the personalized pearl exists.

FAQ - Jewelry care

Discover how to preserve the beauty of your personalized gemstone jewelry from Mevisto. In our care instructions FAQ, you can find out everything you need to know to ensure that your unique pieces of jewelry shine for eternity.

How can I make my piece of jewelry shine again if the gemstone has lost its shine?

If your set gemstone loses its shine, the facets on the underside may be dirty. You can safely place your personalized MEVISTO jewelry in warm soapy water and clean it with an old toothbrush. Concentrate particularly on the underside of the gemstone.

How should I look after my chain, especially when it comes to delicate chains such as snake chains?

We generally recommend removing chains at night to avoid unnecessary strain on the links. Particularly delicate chains, such as snake chains, should be handled with care as they are prone to kinking.

How do I clean my jewelry effectively with an ultrasonic bath?

To clean your piece of jewelry in the ultrasonic bath, use a wire to hang it up instead of just putting it in. This ensures that the cleaning is more thorough.

How can I prevent scratches on my jewelry?

To avoid scratching your jewelry, store them separately to prevent them from scratching each other.

How can I avoid signs of wear on my personalized MEVISTO jewelry?

To avoid signs of wear, you should check your personalized MEVISTO jewelry at regular intervals for signs of wear and, if necessary, have it repaired by an expert in good time before the personalized gemstone in the piece of jewelry becomes loose. You should also avoid knocks and heavy loads on your piece of jewelry.