Personalize Your Pearl Yourself

First, you need a small strand of hair from your favorite person or a tiny amount of ashes. It can be any hair that is dear to you. Open the packaging of your Pearl with Soul and take out the instructions.

Place the jewelry in the provided dish and keep it within reach. The strand of hair or ashes is placed in the "mini lab." Then follow several simple steps until it dissolves into its elements. The resulting liquid is filled with your very personal elements. This liquid is carefully inserted into your ceramic pearl.

Your pearl absorbs the liquid and becomes a truly personal piece of jewelry.

  • cut it = cut it
  • fill it = fill it
  • twist it = twist it
  • drop it = drop it

Pearl with Hair or Ash

Pearl with Hair
Do It Yourself pearls customizable from a 2-3 cm short strand of hair. Sufficient liquid to personalize up to five Pearls with Soul. Includes: Mini lab for hair (Personalizer), Pearl with Soul + additional tools.
Pearl with Ash
Do It Yourself pearls customizable from a pinch of ash. Sufficient liquid to personalize up to five Pearls with Soul. Includes: Mini lab for ash (Personalizer), Pearl with Soul + additional tools.

Personalize Your Unique Pearl from Fine Ceramic

Our pearls from the new "Pearl with Soul" collection are simple yet profound! Here, you are the designer. Each piece of jewelry comes with a small "mini lab." In it, you can introduce a strand of hair or a small amount of ashes. The material is then broken down into its elements.

The resulting liquid can then be easily inserted into your pearl. This creates a very personal necklace with a beautiful pearl that reminds you daily of your loved ones. Due to the handcrafting, each pearl acquires its unique round shape.

This makes each Pearl with Soul a true one-of-a-kind.

1. Cut it

Cut a small strand of hair (2 cm in length) or use the provided ash scoop to take a small amount of ash (as shown in the illustration).

The Hair Mini-Lab (Pearl Personalizer) can only be filled with hair, while the Ash Mini-Lab can be filled with both ash and hair.

For hair:

  • Any type of hair can be used, regardless of whose it is.
  • Hair from multiple people can also be mixed.
  • Animal hair can also be used.

For ash:

  • Please be careful not to use too much ash, as indicated in the illustration.
  • Only fill the Mini-Lab (Pearl Personalizer) with fine ash particles.

2. Fill it - Load the hair or ash into the "mini lab"

For hair:
  • Stuff the clump of hair into the opening of the "mini lab" using the pipette and push it all the way down. The easiest way to load the hair into the "mini lab" is by forming a hair clump.
  • If the hair strands are too short to form a clump, take a strand and let it drop into the opening. Use the pipette to push the hair all the way down, even in this method.
For ash:
  • The ash spatula can be used as a funnel for the mini lab by twisting it slightly. Tilt and insert the other end into the opening of the mini lab.
Now, the "mini lab" is ready to process the ash or your hair. Make sure to carefully read the product instructions for this and the subsequent steps.

3. Twist it - Operate the "mini lab"

The personalization process begins now. From this point, the steps for using the personalizer for a pearl with ash are the same as those for a pearl with hair.
Turn the lid to the left until you hear a click (see instructions). Then turn the black key to the correct position. After that, you can continue turning the lid until the next crack. Remove the battery tab and wait for the "mini lab" to warm up. Operate the key correctly, then remove it. These steps are important for ensuring safety. Follow the instructions provided in the manual.
All these steps are also detailed in the accompanying instructions or in tutorial videos on our website.

4. Drop it - Drop the personalized liquid into your pearl

Once the process is complete, empty the personalized liquid from the "mini lab" into the provided Petri dish. Use the pipette to transfer the liquid into the opening of the pearl. Drop the liquid in, and your jewelry piece is personalized with your elements. The specially developed material of the Pearl with Soul immediately absorbs the liquid.

For hair:

  • The obtained liquid can be used to personalize up to four additional pearls.

For ash:

  • In the ash version, the liquid is sufficient to personalize up to five Do It Yourself pearls.

Enjoy the most personal pendant in the world.

Gebrauchsanleitung für Haar

Um deine Perle richtig zu personalisieren, folge der Anleitung am Deckel des Minilabors (Perlen-Personalisierer), der Gebrauchsanleitung oder dem Video.

Gebrauchsanleitung für Asche

Ganz einfach deine Perle mit Seele selber personalisieren, indem du der Anleitung am Deckel des Perlen Personalisierers, der Gebrauchsanleitung oder dem Video folgst.