MEVISTO funeral packages

Gemstone + 10 years urn grave free of charge

Our unique resting place, the "Stone of Eternity" at the cemetery in St. Martin, Linz, offers a dignified final resting place on around 2,000 m2. If desired, ashes not used for gemstone production (residual ashes) can be buried in one of the urn graves.

As a Mevisto customer, we cover the costs of the urn graves for 10 years. In cooperation with Linz AG, our vision of a gemstone burial became reality.

Amidst a meadow of flowers and busy bees, a gemstone sculpture symbolizes the eternal circle of life. The colorful wildflowers are surrounded by urn graves, which can also be used as family urn graves. The bereaved know the final resting place of their loved ones thanks to precise positioning. The burial sites, which can be visited around the clock, are marked with memorial plaques of the deceased.

With the personalized gemstone, the deceased will always have their loved ones close to their hearts.