How hair and ash become personalised gemstones

As the only company in the world to do so, MEVISTO gemstone manufacturing has managed to personalise gemstones in a scientifically proven process.
Following many years of research, this special method has been developed in collaboration with several universities.
50 grams of ash or 10 grams of hair are transformed into a personalised ruby or sapphire.
After around 30 working days, or for pieces of jewellery 50 working days, the MEVISTO gemstone leaves our production facility.

Scientifically confirmed.
The manufacturing process for the MEVISTO sapphires and rubies is unique worldwide.
Every step is precision-checked and the processes are ISO-certified.

Not only is the presence of the elements of life in the sapphire or ruby confirmed,
but also too its uniqueness. No two stones are alike.

How it works?

1. The chemical process

During the first stage of the process, the biogenic material is chemically prepared. This step lasts around 2 full working weeks. During this time, elements are obtained from the biogenic material in question, be it ash or hair. These elements vary from person to person and from animal to animal, and therefore represent the uniqueness of every living creature. Once this stage is complete, the elements are prepared to allow a crystal to grow from them.


The chemical process
The birth of a gemstone

2. The birth of a gemstone

The gemstone is created in our special kilns at temperatures of around 2000 °C. The elements that were extracted earlier are integrated into the gemstone's lattice structure. Thanks to our manufacturing process, we have the ability to constantly watch the gemstone's growth. The gemstone's growth process takes 1 to 2 days, depending on its size.

3. The cutting process

The raw but personalised crystal is now given its final shape. Our highly trained gemstone cutters add the finishing touch to the personalised gemstone in line with the customer's preferences. Since we make every effort to produce maximum quality under fair conditions, we only cut our gemstones in Austria. This ensures not only the quality confirmed by our jewellers, but also the ability to make individual wishes come true. Whether it be a unique cut or the replacement of a precious stone on an existing ring with a MEVISTO gemstone. Our gemstone cutters have looked through their loupes up to 600 - 700 times by the time the gemstone is cut and polished to their complete satisfaction. Depending on the size and complexity of the cut, we require 1-2 working days for this step too.


The cutting process
Jeweler polishing jewelry with tools

4. Setting into a piece of jewellery

Thanks to our close working relationships with several goldsmiths, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of jewellery. Alongside pieces we have designed ourselves from high-quality, 18-carat gold, we are also happy to produce customised pieces of jewellery for you. Whether it be an unusual shape or all kinds of materials, we always make every effort to make our customers' wishes come true.


5. The quality

We are proud to be able to state that our gemstones are made entirely in Austria. This is also reflected in the quality of the gemstone, which has already been confirmed several times over by independent jewellers. Every gemstone that leaves our production facility must first pass through quality control. Only then is it approved, sealed, packaged and sent.

The quality
every gemstone gets engraved with its own ISO-Number

6. ISO-9001

As soon as the biogenic material is received, it is assigned an ISO code. This is checked at every onward stage of production and then engraved into the gemstone. This engraving is only visible under a loupe, and we also provide a photograph of the gemstone with the official MEVISTO certificate showing the enlarged ISO code.

Another special feature of the production process is that each gemstone we produce bears a chemical fingerprint, in addition to the ISO code we engrave onto it, that makes Mevisto gemstones different from all of the others.

7. The scientific confirmation

It is unique anywhere in the world that several elements from humans or animals can be detected in the personalised gemstone, and this is confirmed by scientific certificates from various universities.

We will be happy to send you the report or the scientific proof upon request:

Report request

The scientific confirmation

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