Funeral Pre-Planning

Many of us want to decide during our lifetime how we will be farewelled and how our memorial service should be organized. At Mevisto, we offer the opportunity to record these personal preferences in a declaration of will for the bereaved.

With a declaration of will from Mevisto, you can express your final wish for a gemstone burial. This allows you to specify your preferences regarding color, cut, and even whether the gemstone should be set into a piece of jewelry. You can also designate who should receive your memento in the future.

The type of one's own funeral is an important consideration. Financing options, such as funeral expense insurance or a trust account, also play a crucial role, allowing you to address them in advance. This way, not only the legal matters and organizational issues but also the financial requirements for the relatives and survivors are clarified in advance, so they do not have to deal with these additionally during their mourning.

Therefore, funeral pre-planning is a topic you should consider timely.

Advantages of a Gemstone Burial

Choosing a burial in the form of a personalized gemstone offers several advantages:

  • Emotional and financial relief for your relatives
  • You determine your final journey
  • Peace of mind through timely funeral pre-planning
  • Avoidance of disagreements and stress among relatives
  • Bereaved can cope with grief more easily
  • Engagement with one's own mortality
  • Mourners can always keep you close

Personalized Gemstones

Preventive Planning in Case of Death

There are fundamentally different payment options available for funeral pre-planning. One option is to take out a funeral expense insurance, which involves multiple payments. The coverage amount is predetermined, and monthly installments are calculated based on the contractually agreed insurance term.

On the other hand, a trust account allows for a lump-sum payment and provides immediate provision. The costs for the desired funeral are determined in advance, and secured by a one-time deposit into the trust account. The security and earmarking of funds are 100% guaranteed.

Through funeral pre-planning, the burden of organizing and carrying out the already difficult mourning process is eased for the bereaved, allowing them to focus on saying goodbye to their loved one.

Funeral Pre-Planning in Austria

Benu is one of the largest funeral service providers in Austria and one of our trusted pre-planning partners. Established in 2017, it offers all possible funeral services throughout Austria. A reliable partner for a dignified funeral as well as secure funeral pre-planning.

The staff at Benu are available around the clock, every day, providing personal and individualized assistance with the challenging organization of a funeral and transparent in the financial planning of these services. More than 2,100 families trust the company each year to design a dignified farewell ceremony.

Funeral Pre-Planning in Germany

Our partner November is a certified master funeral home and is among the leading funeral pre-planning providers in Germany! The company assists you in planning your self-determined final arrangements. With a team of 100 experts, November provides competent advice on your funeral wishes and ensures that they are fulfilled after your death.

Their services include organizational and financial security for your personal wishes with flexible financing options suitable for any budget. With pre-planning from November, you are fully covered and can look forward to your final journey with peace of mind.

Overview of Options

Choosing the right form of funeral pre-planning is very individual and personal. We and our partners are happy to support you in this process. Here again is an overview of the two forms of funeral pre-planning.

Funeral Expense Insurance

  • Monthly/annual payments, thus installment payments are possible
  • Calculation of probable funeral costs
  • Financial security in the event of death is provided after just a few months

Trust Account

  • Flexible payment option as a one-time payment or also individual deposits
  • Exact costs of the funeral are determined
  • Funeral is organized during lifetime as everything is set in place
  • Secure custody of the deposited amount (trustee)
  • Financial security is immediately ensured
  • Funeral Benu (Austria) or Funeral November (Germany) are automatically contracted for organization

Declaration of Will

  • Last wish is expressed
  • Own gemstone burial is recorded
  • Costs for the funeral are covered in advance
  • Bereaved have a keepsake

We Are Here to Support

During one's lifetime, everyone can consider how they would like their own memorial service to be. This includes choices about which songs should be played, which flowers should be laid on the grave at the funeral, or which passages should be read during the final farewell.

Regarding the financial aspects, we and our partners are very happy to assist you. After filling out the form, a knowledgeable staff member will gladly contact you and provide advice on all your questions regarding the costs of a funeral and the options for financial preparation.

Funeral Pre-Planning Process

Overview of funeral pre-planning with one of our partners:

  1. Choose a pre-planning option
  2. Fill out the contact form
  3. Discuss details with the pre-planning partner
  4. Calculate, plan, and finalize financing
  5. Complete the pre-planning and record your wishes
  6. Enjoy life without major worries about funeral arrangements