Mevisto Services

The loss of a loved one presents us all with new challenges.
Important decisions should also be made promptly, especially at this time.
We would like to assist you in this difficult situation and help you with our services around the gemstone funeral.

Our services therefore support you before, during or after the death:

Provision, financing, insurance


Many people would like to make their wish for a gemstone while they are still alive. At Mevisto, we offer people a way to capture that desire. In this catalogue or at you will find a declaration of intent in which you can record your wish for a gemstone.

Download declaration of intent


  • Relieve the burden on your relatives. Emotionally (and financially)
  • You decide how you want to go on your final journey
  • The good feeling that timely preparation brings
  • (No disagreements or stress among relatives)


  • Fill in the form in the presence of three witnesses.
  • Place the completed declaration of intent where you also keep your other documents (birth certificate, proof of citizenship, etc.). These documents are always required first by undertakers.
  • Funeral wishes should not only be noted in the will, as this is usually not opened until a week after the death.



Additional elements can be removed and stored free of charge on request. This means that we can also produce other gemstones for you at a later date. The elements extracted from the ash are stored under special conditions and can be kept in this way for up to five years.

The stored elements can therefore be used at any time to create a new personalised gemstone. The interplay of the elements can result in different colour blends and thus colour differences between the individual gemstones.

Insurance enquiry

Tip: A free gemstone insurance policy can be taken out directly during the ordering process.