Pearls with a soul for the hair

Personalise pearls with strands of hair

Always have your loved ones with you! The pearl with a soul from MEVISTO allows you to personalise your own piece of ceramic jewellery at home.  A small strand of hair is added to the "mini-laboratory" and dissolved in just a few simple steps. 
The resulting liquid is full of your elements and is then simply dropped into the "pearl with a soul". 
The pearl, made from the finest ceramic, absorbs your elements and from that point forward becomes a pearl visibly personalised with hair.
To always have your beloved pet with you, you can also create a pearl with pet hair.

Our collection of pearls

The pearl with a soul is currently available in three different colours.
Combine these with various shades of gold and so create your ideal pearl with hair.
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Mini-laboratory for hair

The personaliser supplied can be filled with even a small strand of hair no longer than 2-3 cm. The personalised liquid, which carries the elements of a human or animal, can be emptied from the mini-lab after just 15 minutes. With this liquid, your pearl can now be scientifically proven to be personalised.

In addition to your pearl with a soul and the mini-lab, you will also find a pipette, bowl and cotton pad in your package.
These materials are needed to personalise your pearl with a soul. They allow you to personalise your pearl yourself.