Pearls with a soul for ashes

Personalise pearls with ashes

A special chemical process transforms the ashes into a liquid enriched with elements.
The pearl with a soul carries these emotions with it forever. When the liquid is dropped onto the pearl, the pearl absorbs the liquid enriched with the elements and creates lasting memories. 

This miniature laboratory can also transform hair into liquid. Up to 5 pearls with ashes can be created from a single laboratory.

Our collection of pearls

The pearl with a soul is available in different pearl colours.
Combine these with various shades of gold and so personalised your pearl with ashes.
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Mini-laboratory for ashes

The mini-laboratory for pearls with ashes of deceased loved ones allows ashes to be used, as compared to the hair version.
Only a portion (less than the tip of a knife) is used. The included mini-lab can also create more liquid from their elements. So, in addition to the pearl included in the set, four further pearls can be personalised with ashes.

In addition to the pearl with a soul and the mini-lab for ashes, you will also find a pipette, bowl, cotton pad, cotton buds and wooden sticks in your package.
These materials are needed to personalise your pearl with a soul. They allow you to personalise your pearl yourself.

Your pearl with a soul is delivered to your home in a sophisticated black case. Perfect to keep or to give as a gift!