Do it yourself. How it works

First, you need a tiny amount of your loved one's hair. Any kind of hair will do.
Open the packaging and remove the instructions for use on how to personalise your Pearl with Soul.
Place the piece of jewellery in the dish supplied and put it within reach. The strands of hair are placed in the "miniature laboratory", and then several steps follow to break the hair down into its individual elements. This liquid, full of your elements, is poured into the piece of jewellery.
It then soaks up the liquid and from that point on is visibly personalised.
Make it on your own or with someone special.
The videos, and the "miniature laboratory", are NOT suitable for people under the age of 16!

Follow the instructions for use step by step or watch the following video. Have fun with your very special piece of jewellery.

cut it
fill it
twist it
drop it

1. cut it - cut a lock of hair

Cut off a few small strands of hair. Ideally, they should be around 5 - 8 cm in length. It doesn't matter which type of hair you choose, all of it can be used. What matters is that you set aside enough time for the steps that follow.


2. fill it - put the hair in the "miniature laboratory"

Pop the knot of hair using the pipette into the opening of the "miniature laboratory" and push it all the way down to the bottom. The easiest way to push the hair into the "miniature laboratory" is to create a knot of hair. If the hair is too short to create a knot, wet the strands and drop them into the opening. Even with this option, push the hair all the way down to the bottom using the pipette. The "miniature laboratory" is now ready to process your hair. Find out more about the next steps by reading the product instructions carefully.

3. twist it - twist and operate the "miniature laboratory"

The personalisation process now begins. Turn the lid anti-clockwise until you hear a snap (see instructions for use). Then twist the black key to the correct position. You can then carry on turning the lid until you hear the next snap. Remove the battery tab and wait until the "miniature laboratory" has heated up. Operate the key correctly, then remove it. These steps are important for ensuring safety. Follow the rest of the instructions for use.


4. drop it - drop the personalised liquid into your pearl

Once the process is complete, empty the personalised liquid from the "miniature laboratory" into the Petri dish supplied. Remove the fluid with the pipette and guide it into the opening in the pearl. Drop the fluid into the pearl and voilĂ , the piece of jewellery is personalised with elements of you. The ceramic material we have developed absorbs the liquid straight away. Have fun with your Pearl with Soul, the most personalised pendant in the world.