Ashes to stone

The gemstone funeral

At Mevisto gemstone manufacturing, we transform hair or ashes into personalised gemstones.
The metamorphosis from ash into a sapphire or ruby creates an everlasting heirloom full of memories. 
The MEVISTO gemstone funeral is a truly unique type of funeral and a new way of always keeping someone you love with you.

To create a personalised gemstone, 50 - 100 g of ash or 10 g of hair are required.
Ask a funeral director you trust or contact us directly to find out more.

[Translate to English:] Wie komme ich zu einem personalisierten Edelstein aus Asche.

What should I do?

The first step is the trip to the funeral director. Go here to find an experienced MEVISTO partner near you.

Everyone who is left behind processes their grief differently. We do our best to accommodate everyone's needs.   Depending on the type of funeral chosen, we are able to create the gemstone using different materials:

with a burial, the personalised gemstone is made from 10 g of hair, while with a cremation it is made from 50 - 100 g of ash.
If there is not enough hair available (10 g), many relatives like to add hair from the entire family.

Since the legal situation varies from state to state, we can help you to clarify what needs to be done.

Star children

A tangible reminder for all eternity.
At MEVISTO gemstone manufacturing, we give parents of star children a final memento in an everlasting form:  a gemstone made from the ashes of their beloved child, combined with strands of hair from the child's loving parents. So the child and its parents remain intertwined forever in a MEVISTO gemstone. It is an especially sensitive and personal way of saying goodbye. 
The glittering of the stars and the sparkle of the gemstone will last for all eternity.



[Translate to English:] Klaus Eberhartinger trägt einen personalisierten Edelstein aus der Asche seiner verstorbenen Schwester als Erinnerung immer bei sich

A precious person, my sister ...

"This stone, this precious stone - my sister was precious to me too - will now outlive all our memories.  The stone outshines everything, and it actually reflects the many facets of the life that we shared in so many ways. When I open the box and this gemstone shines back at me, smiles at me even, then it feels like my sister is here with me even more than I had ever thought possible.It's a great comfort to you ... it's a great comfort..." Klaus Eberhartinger