MEVISTO Gemstone Burrial

Gemstone + 10 year free urn grave

This unique place of rest in Linz cemetery bears the name "Stein der Ewigkeit" ("Eternity Stone") and
at around 2000 m2 in size, offers a worthy and dignified final resting place.
Upon request, ashes that are not used for the production of gemstones (left-over ashes) can be interred in one of the urn graves.

As a Mevisto customer, this service is available to you free of charge for 10 years.
In cooperation with Linz AG, our vision of a gemstone funeral has now become reality.
In the heart of a flower meadow and surrounded by industrious bees, a gemstone sculpture represents the eternal circle of life. 
The colourful wild flowers are surrounded by urn graves, which can also be used as a family urn grave. 



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