Ceramic jewellery, personalised from your lock of hair

DIY - do it yourself!
The new "Pearl with Soul" range of products from MEVISTO allows you to personalise your own piece of ceramic jewellery at home.
All you need is a few strands of hair to turn a pendant into the most personalised piece of jewellery in the world.
The process takes just 30 minutes. The choice of what you do with that 30-minute
wait is entirely up to you. Let your creativity loose.

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The pearls in the new "Pearl with Soul" range are simple, but they have a great story to tell! You can personalise them yourself. Each piece of jewellery comes with a "miniature laboratory". This is where you add a few strands of your hair. They are then broken down into their elements. The resulting liquid can then be poured easily into your pearl. So you have a visibly personalised pearl that you can wear every day.

Gold and Cracklé

One of the characteristics is its glaze, which is called Cracklé. The pearls looks as though they are alive. The cracks that occur naturally in the glaze are normal and are completely harmless

The gold-glazed pieces of jewellery do not feature this Cracklé look. Since the glaze is made from real gold, the metal adapts intricately to the Pearl with Soul.