ME means "metamorphosis", while VISTO means "make visible"

We personalise and bring your memories to life.
Personalising means visibly combining elements of ash or hair into precious stones.

Discover the world of MEVISTO, a world with a truly personal touch.
Decide for yourself which of our products suits you most.
Whether it be personalised gemstones or ceramics, we provide you with the most personalised pieces of jewellery in the world:

How the poodle made its way into our logo

The most famous poodle must be Goethe's Mephisto, in "Faust". Even before Mephisto appears in his true form, he appears as a poodle. The poodle is a synonym for "transformation". The production of gemstones from hair or ash is also a "transformation". Indeed Einstein, one of the owner's family's poodles, provided hair for the development of MEVISTO's gemstones. And so the poodle became MEVISTO's heraldic animal.


How can the memory be treasured?

Every moment is special. It is important to keep special moments for ever. “FOR EVER AND EVER"

Using the only process of its kind worldwide, developed by MEVISTO, it is possible to create sapphires or rubies from the elements present in the hair or ash of humans or animals. In contrast to the usual commemorative diamond (just a single element – carbon), ten elements (such as calcium, iron, magnesium, titanium, etc.) are contained in the personalised gemstones from MEVISTO, and are scientifically proven. Not only is the inclusion of the elements in the atomic structure confirmed, but so too is the uniqueness of each MEVISTO gemstone produced.

In principle, one of three colours (natural tone, red tone, or blue tone) may be selected, but the exact tone cannot be specifically defined. The colour depends on the individual composition of the biogenic material made available to us.