The gemstone as a memento

MEVISTO transforms hair or ashes into personalised sapphires or rubies.
Every personalised gemstone tells a different story. MEVISTO offers a very special form of pet funeral. 

To create a personalised gemstone, 50 - 100 g of ash or 10 g of hair / fur are required.

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Zhara, a canine soul mate

"Zhara and I ... we just completely understood each other. We were one person - although it isn't something that happens straight away. It's something that develops over time. And then it is a very special connection. And a canine soul mate like that probably comes just once in a lifetime." Karina Kalks  

No matter what type of animal, they are often the most loyal and constant companions of many individuals, sharing deep connections and the closest of friendships. The personalised ruby or sapphire from MEVISTO is a jewelled reminder of all those shared memories, the emotional connections and those unforgettable moments in life.  

[Translate to English:] Gemeinsam mit dem Nhm Museum in Wien wurde aus einem T-rex Zahn ein personalisierter Edelstein hergestellt

A ruby from a T-Rex?

At Mevisto gemstone manufacturing, we have even created a personalised ruby from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Working with palaeontologists and scientists, this gemstone was created with a Wild Beauty cut. The ruby is one of the rarest synthesised gemstones in the world, and is on display in the gemstones cabinet at the Natural History Museum in Vienna. Since until recently it was impossible to personalise corundum, we are all the more delighted to have earned such high recognition from renowned scientists. Every gemologist who examines our stones will see that they contain elements that are not normally found in them. 
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What should I do?

When a companion crosses the rainbow bridge, the grief can be overwhelming. A personalised gemstone is a brilliant way of keeping memories with you. When an animal dies, you can contact a pet undertaker or animal crematorium. Ask about a MEVISTO gemstone. If you already have your pet's ashes, send them to us directly. Once you have chosen a cut, a size (carats) and colour, you can order using our online shop. Once this process is complete, send us the ashes of your beloved pet by recorded delivery.
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