Every gemstone is unique, just as every person is unique.

The elements extracted from the hair or ashes create the most personal gemstone in the world.
The variety of colours in MEVISTO sapphires and rubies is particularly spectacular,
as they vary from stone to stone and are produced by the uniqueness of the elements within them.
Essentially, you can choose from three colours, although it is impossible to predict whether they will be bright or more muted.

RED: from clear, pink, bright red / orange to dark red
NATURAL: from clear, champagne, peach and light to dark brown
BLUE: from clear, light to dark blue / violet


Red gemstones are very emotional stones. With red, personalised gemstones, a small amount of chrome is added to produce the red colour. Whether this appears as a bright red or even pink-orange (padparadscha) depends on the characteristics of the individual elements. Very dark shades are classed as ruby. It is fascinating to see this array of colours.  

Meaning of the colours:

Pink gemstones - Create more sensitivity, may encourage love.

Red gemstones - Symbols of love and passion. Orange gemstones - Have a mood-lifting effect.


If you choose a natural-coloured personal gemstone from MEVISTO, the colour is produced exclusively from the individual composition of its elements. The colours never cease to amaze us. There are nuances of shades from clear, champagne and peach, and from light to dark brown. The darker stones are truly special, since they really express the craftsmanship of the cutting process.

Meaning of the colours:

Light or transparent gemstones - Are calming and purifying.

Yellow / golden gemstones - Bring happiness, joie de vivre and chase away worries.

Dark gemstones - Act like a pillar of strength, bringing calm.


The blue colour is produced by adding iron and titanium. A blue sapphire is the most familiar type of sapphire, however they come in all different shades. A red sapphire is known as a ruby. The colours of a blue personalised gemstone can range from very light to lilac and dark blue. In rare cases, it can even appear violet. 

Meaning of the colours:

Blue gemstones - Have a calming, energy-giving effect, providing courage and inspiration.

Violet or lilac-coloured gemstones - Act on the mind and mysticism, inspiring the imagination