We personalise and bring your memories to life

A wedding ring made from the couple's hair symbolises eternal unity.
A ring that tells many stories for generations to come.
Forever united, from the first to the last polish.

Our MEVISTO jewellery collection offers you the opportunity to always have your loved ones with you.
Thanks to close cooperation with Austrian and German goldsmiths,
we can make whatever wish you have come true.

For personalised gemstones, we need 10 g of hair.

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[Translate to English:] Verbunden im Edelstein für die Ewigkeit. Aus 10 gramm Haar wird ein personalisierter Edelstein gefertigt. Ein Symbol für die Ewigkeit.

The most personalised wedding rings in the world!

The great love, the engagement, the wedding and
the birth of a child:
it is precisely these precious moments
and events in life that we love
to remember. The hair of a couple combined in a gemstone symbolises deep unity. If you're looking for one of the most personalised pieces of jewellery in the world, then MEVISTO is exactly the place to come.

A wedding ring created from elements of your family is one of the most special, unusual possessions you can have. We specialise in turning your personal wishes into reality. 

[Translate to English:] Der personalisierte Edelstein aus Haar von Mevisto, kann bereits aus 10 Gramm Haar hergestellt werden.

How it works

For the most personal memento in the world, a personalised gemstone, we require just 10 g of hair.  

Gather a handful of hair from your loved one and package it safely in a box or ask us for one of our free MEVISTO boxes. Complete an order form, or make your order via our online shop.

Then send the labelled package to the following address:

MEVISTO Edelsteinmaufaktur GmbH
Laizing 10, 4556 Kirchham
A - Österreich 



[Translate to English:] Eheringe mit personalisierten Edelsteinen aus dem Haar des Paares. Dabei werden die Elemente des Menschen herausgelöst und in den Edelstein gebunden. Wissenschaftlich bestätigt.

Eternal love

"It was important to me to be able to wear my personalised wedding ring made from the hair of my husband and my son every day, with every outfit! My ideas were very different to those of my partner. So his ring looks different to mine. But the personalised sapphires in both rings unite us in our strong partnership."

The first line of wedding rings from MEVISTO was inspired by the realisation that men and women have different preferences. Small personalised gemstones in a simple setting. We are happy to cut our wedding rings to sizes of less than one carat. In addition to our jewellery collection, there is the option to create a bespoke design.

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