Personalised gemstone FAQs

  • Can ashes and hair also be mixed?

    Yes! The two biogenic materials can be mixed for gemstone production.
    Hair from multiple people can also be mixed.

  • Can I be sure that the elements from the human are found in the gem?

    Yes! The preparation and production processes are scientifically proven and confirmed.

  • How does the production work?

    The substances retrieved from the hair / ashes are homogenized with aluminium oxide
    to form a gem at temperatures over 2000° C / 3632° F.

  • What distinguishes sapphires and rubies by MEVISTO from diamonds?

    Unlike in the conventional diamond (composed of just one element – carbon)
    there are several elements from the respective persons / pets scientifically proven to be contained
    in the personalized gemstones from MEVISTO.

  • What makes MEVISTO’s sapphires and rubies so special?

    In the personalized gemstones from MEVISTO, several elements from
    the person / animal (such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.)
    are contained, which has been scientifically proven.
    Thus the uniqueness of each MEVISTO gemstone is guaranteed.

  • Where are the gems produced and cut?

    In our factory in Austria.

  • Where do the colors come from?

    One of three color tones (red-tones, blue-tones or natural color-tones) can be chosen.
    However, the hue depends on the biogenic sample and is always completely individual.
    Whether it is light or dark, MEVISTO relies on nature – which makes the gem entirely unique.


    The variety of colours in MEVISTO sapphires and rubies is particularly spectacular:

    RED: from clear, pink, bright red / orange to dark red
    NATURAL: from clear, champagne, peach and light to dark brown
    BLUE: from clear, light to dark blue / violet