We transform hair or ashes into personalised gemstones

At MEVISTO gemstone manufacturing, we bring memories to life.
We extract elements from ash or hair and use them to create personalised rubies and sapphires.
This is a globally brand-new process that has been scientifically proven.

A gemstone is a wonderful, beautiful way of always being able to have someone precious close to you.
Whether it be in a wedding ring, or as a memento of a loved one who has passed away.

For personalised gemstones, we need 10 g of hair or 50 - 100 g of ash.

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The memento in the gemstone.

The culture of funerals is changing. More and more people are choosing alternatives to the traditional form of burial or cremation. In addition to this, everyone grieves differently. Often, long distances can cause problems when families are trying to tend to or even visit gravestones or memorial gardens. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are opting for a gemstone funeral instead.

A MEVISTO gemstone funeral can follow any traditional form of funeral, since only a small amount of ash or hair is required.
It is of course possible to insure yourself for a gemstone.

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Wedding rings as a symbol of everlasting unity

A wedding ring of a very special kind. The hair of the married couple combined in a ring represents everlasting unity. A personal piece of jewellery for a lifetime together. This ring is made from rose gold and features a 2 ct, blue sapphire. The blue is very subtle, and is almost lilac in colour.  The sapphire is a stone that suits everyone and looks different to conventional wedding rings.

Personalised wedding rings made from hair

Be inspired by our idea of personalised gemstones.

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